Religion of Osirion

The Sibling Kings of Osirion

As the world dies around them, the Sibling Kings remain decadent and uncaring, living a life filled with unimaginable luxury whilst slaves and citizens starve. Priests of the Sibling Kings control the bureaucracy and military, enforcing their Lords’ will throughout all of Osirion. The Sibling Kings represent the final beauty of this age.

The Cult of Sarenrae

The Church of Sarenrae is the legacy of the ‘old gods.’ Each God slowly fell out of belief amongst the populace until only Sarenrae, Goddess of the Sun and Redemption remained. Sarenrae hasn’t answered prayers or communicated with mortals for thousands of years, but her followers hold faith that civilisation will endure. Sarenrae represents the final hope of this age.

The Court of Jinn

The court is actually many religions classified together. Each sect worships a particular genie or group of genies. Little else besides this connects each group, as they vary in motivation, rituals and policies. As genies once enslaved this entire region, some sects are even devoted to slaughtering or enslaving genies. The Court of Jinn represents the influence and strength of days long past.

The Depredations of Rovagug

Rovugog is the beast. His return signals the end of civilisation and the return to unrestrained savagery that existed once before. He lives to consume, and only the most insane or bestial would ever consider showing devotion. Rovugog represents the final belief before light is forever extinguished.

The Cult of Lamashtu

Like Sarenrae, Lamashtu is one of the few ‘old gods’ still to be acknowledged. Unlike Sarenrae, Lamashtu’s followers are not nearly so benevolent. Lamashtu’s core beliefs focus on one’s own survival and dominance. The idea of worshiping Lamashtu is drawn more from the scavenging hordes surrounding Osirion’s ever-shrinking borders rather than from any enduring civilised qualities this belief possess. Lamashtu represents the strength and survival of Osirion’s people.

Religion of Osirion

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