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Five Characteristics of Osirion

The world of Osirion is unique. It is not a place of brave knights in gleaming armour or elves with voices of music. The following five points summarise the unique characteristics you will encounter.

1. The Known World is a Desert

Osirion is a hot, dry and desolate land. The sun loams ominously over the broken landscape creating temperatures of 35 degrees by early morning to 50 degrees in the afternoon. Any breeze fans the high temperatures making a gentle stirring almost as unpleasant as direct sun exposure. Dust and sand is a constant.

Water is a rare resource. The population centres of the world are built near underground reservoirs, oases or other water reserves. Few areas of farmland remain, expertly tended to by determined farmers. Sadly, each season results in fewer yields and more food shortages.

Osirion was not always a desert. Generations ago, it was a world as any other. Ruins claimed by the death of the world are visible amongst the sands, badlands and stone quarries.

2. There Remains Only One Centre of Civilisation

The city-state Osiria and its few satellite communities are all that remains of civilisation. All other known communities and cities were claimed by the sands of the dying world. Lately this relentless push has slowed, almost as if the sun were giving a final farewell to Osirion.

Scavenging at the corpse of civilisation are the savage hordes. They rarely make a unified attempt to attack or destroy settlements. Scattered in tribes and hunting packs they seem just as eager to raid, pillage and plunder each other as Osirion’s population.

3. The Sibling Kings Rule Osiria

Decadent, uncaring and wealthy beyond imagination, the Sibling Kings rule Osirion with a heavy, indifferent hand. Worshiped as gods by most of Osiria, they possess power without rival in the ruins of civilisation. Little is known of the brother and sister King, other than their word (and those of their servants) are law. Slavery, execution or worse await those eager to oppose them. Both are content to watch the world die, and they are rarely inclined to share their wealth with the starving masses in the cities.

4. The Gods are Distant.

Ever since the world started to die, no heavenly God of the Old World has answered the prayer of any mortal. Curiously, divine magic is still granted to mortals. The source of this power and who is providing it is unknown. Divination and commune are answered, but by who or what, nobody has ever established.

This being said, there is still faith and religion in Osirion. The Sibling Kings are worshiped as gods, but both have neither confirmed or dismissed the idea that they are channeling divine magic. Atheist and agnostics opinions are persistent in a small section of the population. Few of these would ever channel divine magic as a matter of principle, but it is not impossible.

Sarenrae is one of the few remaining Gods of the Old World that individuals worship, whilst Rovugog is a terrifying beast from antiquity that lends strength to those in the present. For further information on the known religions of Osirion, see Religion of Osirion.

House Rules

The following is an outline of the house rules that accompany this Legacy of Fire campaign.

Character Creation and Allowable Material
Contains information regarding how you can translate your character idea into the campaign setting.

Character Background and Traits
This section describes the Character Trait Variant and the requirements from player’s to receive its benefits.

Character Advancement and Combat Recovery
Features a variant on the favoured class rules and the effects of resting after encounters.

Character Death and Dying
Explains the variant rule on death and dying, as well as character replacements within the on-going campaign.

Non-Player Characters

The following is an outline of the non-player characters that our adventurers have encountered.

The Sun Priestess Almah Roveshki
The patron for the adventurers in the first adventure, she is the leader of the Last Northern Crusade, the expeditionary force sent by the Cult of Sarenrae to reclaim the ruins of Kelmarane.

Almah’s assistant and representative of the Sibling Kings of Osirion. He is the individual whom hired the adventurers and is accompanying them to meet with Almah and the rest of the expedition.

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