Character Advancement and Combat Recovery

This section presents two rules concerning multiclassing and resting between encounters. Like all house rules, they may be subject to revision and changes as the game progresses.

Favoured Class Variant

This campaign will feature a crossover from the favoured class rules from the Pathfinder RPG. That is, rather than have an XP penalty, you gain either 1 hit point or 1 skill point for each level taken in your favoured class. Favoured classes for each race stay the same, except Humans, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs may choose any one class to be their favourite. Please note for these races, that the favoured class chosen by the player must be the one taken by the character at first level.

Resting between Encounters

Characters won’t gain benefits of an 8 hour rest until the conclusion of four encounters. What constitutes an encounter is left to the discretion of the DM.

Character Advancement and Combat Recovery

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